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Dealing with pain
in the Grinberg Method

In general, it's hard for us to accept, while feeling physical or emotional pain, that our body needs our attention. That our body wants to show us: something is not working well.

    Body work: pain - grinberg method berlin

Often times we try to ignore the pain, we feel disturbed that our body doesn't work gracefully. We hope, for example, that a doctor can help us to get rid of the 'problem', wishing for the right medicine that would solve the issue.

How to approach pain?

For sure, there are definitely situations where we need doctors - and medicine.
But in many cases, we have to ask ourself, why is my body calling me, often times so regularly? Why are there moments in my life, which triggers again and again certain areas in my body? What am I missing?

In this way, the grinberg method goes directly to the area where we experience pain. Through a learning process you learn to discover more and more what stands behind the pain:

  • Where in your body is the strongest feeling of your pain?
  • Which areas are connected to the painful body part?
  • When in your daily life is the pain the strongest?
  • How long are you already suffering from the pain? Is it a short-term pain or already chronical?
  • How often can you experience your pain?

What is the story behind the pain?

In most cases, we'll realise, that we've developed certain attitudes, or habits in our life, which find their origin in our past, in our history.
These behaviours could have been very useful and maybe lifesaving, but we have to check, if they are still appropriate in our today's life. If we want to change, if we stop old forms of re-acting to our surrounding, of re-acting to our pain ... we, our body, will find new ways and approaches to these challenging moments in our life.

Transforming Pain

In his booklet 'Transforming Pain', Avi Grinberg describes the approach of pain in the grinberg method:

"We all experience pain; it belongs to life. And yet, whether it appears in brief moments or for longer periods, is ours or that of others, we usually find it difficult to handle."

- Avi Grinberg

Download of the booklet:  'Transforming Pain'

Disclaimer - about the Grinberg Method:

The grinberg method is a methodology of attention, which teaches through expanding and focusing body attention. It does not claim to heal, to be an alternative medicine, a massage therapy, or to be considered among the helping professions. It is not intended for persons suffering from conditions considered life threatening, or for those with conditions or serious illnesses that require medical or psychiatric attention. Moreover, it is not intended to be a substitute for any kind of required treatment. The method has no ideological or mystical basis and does not demand any particular lifestyle.