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Complete overview concerning the content and internal links of the website from Susanne Kohl, body worker & somatic coach - based on the grinberg method - in Berlin.

Body Work

Grinberg Method Presentation and introduction of my work as a body worker and somatic coach - as my background, the body oriented learning methodology, called grinberg method.
Most often with special offers concerning a trial session / foot analysis or with regard to 4 sessions about a physical symptom / chronic pain.
20-Min-Session Short sessions to get a first impression of my bodywork - for free. The session will take place while sitting on a chair with the focus on the shoulder-, arm- and neck area. Or while lying on a table working on the lower back and legs. Another option is a 20-min-session with various manual techniques directly on the feet.
Pain How to approach pain through the practice of the grinberg method. Detailed explanation in regard of the general meaning of pain for our bodies and in the context of the learning method.
Fear How to cope with fear in the context of the grinberg method. What influence has fear in our life? What role does it play in the body work and through a learning process?

Learning process of the grinberg method

Learning process Information about the structure and form of the learning method. Explanations concerning the foot analysis, which is a vital part of defining the subject or aim of a learning process.
Voucher Bodywork-sessions as a present.
Prices List of the different prices for a trial session (foot analysis), normal sessions and a note concerning the 20-min-sessions, which are free of charge.
Reductions for pupils, students and pensioners.

Feedback to the Bodywork

Feedback What kind of experiences have my clients had through the grinberg method bodywork?

About me

About Short introduction to my person and why I've decided to go for the professional studies of the grinberg method.


Contact How to get in contact with me: via email, phone or online contact form.
Imprint Address and legal informations concerning my work as a body worker / somatic coach.
Privacy Policy Data protection declaration based on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
Sitemap Overview of the content of the website from Susanne Kohl, body work & somatic coach - in Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg and Mitte.

Grinberg Studios in Berlin

Studio Presentation and information about the working places in Berlin – Prenzlauer Berg and Mitte.